Kilroy Oyster Point Phase 2


Our fire protection division has coordinated and installed the new sprinkler and standpipe systems for five structures at the Kilroy Oyster Point Phase 2 Development. In conjunction with Hathaway Dinwiddie and DGA Architects, this +800,000 ft² core & shell development, will consist of leasable space for laboratory and office tenant improvements across three high-rise buildings (two 7-story and one 8-story structures). The development will also include two single-story amenity pavilions that will provide food services, flex space, conferencing, and exercise gymnasiums.

Being part of a massive, multi-building core & shell project required meticulous planning and coordination with multiple project stakeholders. During preconstruction, our design team ensured provisions were made to hydraulically meet the sprinkler demand for future tenant improvements. The project also required modifications to the existing underground fire lines in order to accommodate the new development and at the same time not disrupt the existing systems downstream. As construction began, strategic manpower planning was essential to keep up with all the onsite activities and to maintain a cost-efficient project.


DGA planning /Architecture /Interiors


Hathaway Dinwiddie


Kilroy Realty