Here at Pribuss Engineering, safety is our number one priority. For over 50 years, we have continually updated and improved our safety program so we can stay a step ahead of the game. Pribuss Engineering takes safety so seriously because a safe team is a productive team. Having a great safety record means jobs run more smoothly, schedule interruptions are avoided, and our clients have confidence in our company. Furthermore, a weekly safety meeting is held so our staff is aware of any changes or new information.

Job planning

Risks are inherent to the construction business, but these risks can be reduced and eliminated with planning. We utilize two main practices when it comes to planning for a project. These planning practices ensure not only a safe staff but a better quality of workmanship that we can be proud of.

The first practice is Job Hazard Analysis, or JHA. This is practiced when starting a new job. We plan on how to avoid hazards related to individual tasks and accidents as well as reducing risks.

Second, is Pre Task Planning, or PTP. We look at the potential hazards that could be at the job site and then plan on how to reduce and avoid them. Additionally, we organize the steps to perform tasks to work efficiently and prevent injury.

Safety programs

We want our staff to be as prepared as possible. This includes a rigorous safety program that is required for new employees and is practiced by all employees on a regular basis.




Fall Protection and Awareness


Machine Operation Training


Specialty Job Training


Employee Safety Orientation


Supervisor Safety Training


Hazard Communication



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