Under Construction

Genesis Marina

The project consists of a buildout for Class A Office and Laboratory spaces, with 7 suites covering 6 floors in 2 different buildings. The project scope is inclusive of process racks and lab-specific water and waste systems

Kilroy Oyster Point Phase 2

This +800,000 ft² core & shell development, will consist of leasable space for laboratory and office tenant improvements across three high-rise buildings (two 7-story & one 8-story structures). 

300 Kansas

This 6-story, 137,000 ft² core and shell I-A building is designed for future light manufacturing and laboratory tenants and is one of the city’s first all-electric, zero-carbon buildings.


This complex system consists of significant equipment, and Pribuss is performing orbital welding on high purity stainless steel pipe for the distribution of the RO/DI water.

Helen Diller Anchor House

14-story, 239-unit student apartment building. The Type I metal framed residential and related amenity spaces are built over 2 levels of subterranean parking garage and basement floor.

Flower Market

The project involved the construction of a new partial second story, as well as new 2-story parking structure. Over 216,000 sf for commercial – industrial use. 

300 Lakeside

The largest construction project in the East Bay at it’s peak, Pribuss Engineering, Inc. was contracted to perform the plumbing scope on the 300 Lakeside project in Oakland, CA.

UC Hastings

UC Hastings is a newly constructed 14-story + basement, mixed use type I-A building in San Francisco’s Civic Center district.

180 El Camino

Design-build ground up construction of life science ready campus spread across three six-story buildings.  Approximately 720,000 square feet of R&D office and 30,000 square feet of amenity space and retail.

14 Owens Street

New design-build construction of 4 story academic building which includes 3 story of pre K-5 elementary school program and a 1-story of high school and a 2 story community shared resources building. 

1140 7th Street

New campus of three separate structures interconnected via a common ground floor.  Construction features an Eco-friendly alternative to concrete by using cross-laminated timber, material obtained from forest management efforts.

Block 48

New three-story townhouse community in the heart of San Francisco.  The 750-acre community offers residents the ability to enjoy vast areas of outdoor space, retail venues and research and development sites.

901 16th Street

Remodel of existing structure to construct a core and shell base building to accommodate the San Francisco wholesale flower market.  The project involved the construction of a new partial second story, as well as new 2-story parking structure.

UC Berkley Gateway Building

Design build fire sprinkler system, standpipe system + one preaction system for newly constructed 6-story above basement, mixed-used building (classrooms, seminar spaces, research labs, faculty + staff offices).

1400 Fashion Island

Design build upgrade of the fire sprinkler system in an existing 10-story office building that will converted to mixed-use office/lab spaces. Upgrades include upsizing the fire pump, modifying the standpipes, risers + drains, and providing new sprinkler systems on floors 2-10 to meet required sprinkler demand.

1970 Oxford Street

Design build fire sprinkler systems with a fire pump for newly constructed 14-story student apartment building (239 units) with future retail spaces and common areas + two sub-levels of parking.

Parcel 4Y Phase 1

Design build fire sprinkler systems for five newly constructed residential (R-2) townhomes + apartment flats.